The authentic taste of Australian craft cider made from fresh apples and pears

Our alcoholic ciders showcase the huge variety of delicious drinking experiences you can create from just apples and pears and traditional cider-making methods without compromise.

Dry ciders, sweet ciders, intensely sparkling champagne method ciders, still ciders. Blended ciders and single variety ciders. There's something for everyone in our range or grab a mixed case and avoid that tough decision!

Ciders are generally lower alcohol than wines; making them a great refreshing drink with a little less alcohol. The strength of our alcoholic ciders range from the our Sydney Royal Champion Pink Lady with 4% ABV* to the Pommeau; a fortified cider with 17% ABV. Looking for something without the alcohol? We also have our non-alcoholic cider range.

* ABV = Alcohol By Volume: The percentage of alcohol in a drink.

What is "Craft Cider"

The big international cider brands use very industrial processes to make cider: They ship Apple Juice Concentrate from the cheapest producers around the world and use complex processes and ingredients to produce a standard drink cheaply and consistently that they can sell around the world.

Craft cider makers take a different path; using fresh apple and pears to produce their ciders and perries and never using artificial colours or flavours.

For Small Acres Cyder you can add to that a more traditional approach to cider-making.  We have an orchard of 900 cider apple and pear trees selected purely for cider-making. In addition we source apples from local producers in the cool-climate of Orange; ensuring we always have amazing fruit to start our ciders with.  We don't dilute our ciders with water and the sweetness of our ciders comes from the fruit; not from added sugar.

Apples and Pears are amazing fruit: Natural sugars ready to convert to alcohol or keep some sweetness, acidity for freshness, tannins for depth and bite, myriad aromas and flavours... There's so much we can do just to bring these qualities out. Cider has been around since Roman times and there's still so much to explore. We're just getting started on this journey.

If you're new to our why not pick up one of our mixed cases and taste the huge variety of flavours you can create from just two types of fruit. You won't be dissapointed.

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Pink Lady Cider Case of 24

Winner, Champion Cider and Gold Medal, Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show 2023 A sweet but refreshing apple cider, our Pink Lady Cider is a traditionally made alcoholic cider with...

Mixed Case of our Classic Alcoholic Ciders

Try a selection of Small Acres Cyder's favourite apple and pear ciders and taste the difference great Australian fruit can make. Includes our Sydney Royal Champion Pink Lady. This is...

Pomme Traditional Apple Cider Case of 24

A crisp and refreshing cider, Small Acres Pomme is a traditionally made alcoholic cider using whole fresh pressed apples from the cool climate region of Orange NSW. We add no...

Sparkling Perry 2021 - Methode Traditionelle Pear Cider

Gold Medal Winner, Japan Cider Cup 2023. Rated 94/100 QWineReviews. A delicate aperitif: Our Sparkling Perry is great for a celebration or with light summer dishes. To the traditionalist a...

Norfolk Still 2021 Apple Cider

Norfolk Still reflects the style of cider traditionally produced in the eastern counties of England. Smooth and like all still ciders it is made without bubbles. Fresh red apple flavours, with...
$138.00 $23.00

Heritage Blend Apple Cider Case of 24

Silver Medal, Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show 2023 Small Acres Heritage Blend Apple Cider blends the robust flavour of French and English cider-variety apples with the lightness of Pink...

Poire Traditional Pear Cider Case of 24

Small Acres Poire is a medium-sweet pear cider (or "Perry") made using whole fresh pressed pears; no concentrates. Crushed and produced in the cool climate region of Orange NSW. Enjoy...

Pommeau 2021 Apple Mistelle Fortified Cider Liquer

Best Cider in Show: Japan Cider Cup 2024, Gold Medal: Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show 2023, Winner: Best In Show Red Hill Cider Show 2021 Pommeau is a Normandy...

Femme Fatale Rosé Cider

Winner, Best in Class and Gold, Japan Cider Cup 2023; Silver Medal, Australian Cider Awards 2023 Mysterious, beautiful and seductive, a Femme Fatale uses all her feminine wiles to get...

Kingston Black 2023 Single Variety Cider

Winner Best in Class, Gold at Japan Cider Cup 2024 Kingston Black 2023 is a dry to medium-dry cider crafted from the revered Kingston Black apples; a bitter-sharp cider apple...

6 of the Best May 24

Give someone in your life a special treat with a selection of the finest Australian and International award winning apple and pear ciders from Small Acres Cyder. Presented in a...
$168.00 $150.00