Borenore Caves: Small Adventures in Orange NSW

A small adventure in Orange: Visiting Borenore Caves is just a short drive from our cellar door. See amazing rock formations, venture through the hill and emerge in the light again on the far side. Great way to spend a few hours near Orange.

There's more to do in Orange NSW than just enjoy it's fantastic food, wine and cider.  Take an hour or two and escape to one of the amazing natural experiences just a short hop from our cellar door. Easily done in an hour it's a great Small Adventure near Orange.

Borenore Caves or "Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve" is just 12 minutes from our cellar door but in other ways it's millions of years away.

Highlights of Borenore Caves:

  • Short 10 minute walk from the carpark.
  • Amazing rock formations with easy access from the side of the hill.
  • Picnic area to refresh afterwards with basic accessible toilets.
  • Not dog-friendly. It's a National Parks reserve so your Doggo can't come to this one.
  • Great wet-weather activity near Orange. After your short walk to the caves you are underground and out of the rain.

Imagine yourself in a scene straight out of Jules Verne – a labyrinthine underworld sculpted by time and water. That's precisely what awaits you at Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve. This hidden gem near Orange boasts a dramatic landscape riddled with ancient limestone caves.

It's just a short stroll from the carpark and easy to access. The more adventurous you are the more fun you can have but the main cave has plenty to see without getting muddy or wet.

(Watch the Video to see the walk from the carpark into and through the cave. No bears involved!)

The star attraction here is Arch Cave, a natural spectacle adorned with stalactites, stalagmites, and columns that gleam like frozen waterfalls under a torch's light. Be prepared to unleash your inner explorer as you clamber over rocks and dodge the occasional low-hanging ceiling.

A cave featuring naturally sculpted rock in the foreground and a dark cave. In the foreground is a railing to help people explore the cave

But Borenore isn't all about subterranean adventures. The reserve above ground is a haven for nature lovers. Breathe in the crisp country air as you hike along the scenic Boree Creek Track, keeping an eye out for native wildlife like the elusive eastern bent-winged bat.

And after your explorations, refuel at the charming picnic area with a cold cider you bought earlier from our Cellar Door. Picture yourself under the shade of a gum tree, indulging in a delicious barbecue lunch and swapping stories about your spelunking escapades. Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve – a place where ancient wonders meet natural beauty, waiting to be discovered.

Directions from Small Acres Cider Cellar Door to Borenore Caves 

Directions from Small Acres Cyder to Borenore Caves.  	1. Start on Akhurst Road	140m 	2. Turn right onto Borenore Road	4.3km 	3. At the end of the road turn left onto The Escort Way	3.6km 	4. Turn left onto Borenore Access Road	1300m 	5. Reach destination
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