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6 of the Best May 24

Give someone in your life a special treat with a selection of the finest Australian and International award winning apple and pear ciders from Small Acres Cyder. Presented in a...
$168.00 $150.00

Bamboo Bottle Opener

A bamboo bottle cap opener laser-engraved with the Small Acres Cyder logo. Get your cider open quick-smart. Also a great momento of your cellar door visit! Free shipping when ordered...

Femme Fatale Rosé Cider

Winner, Best in Class and Gold, Japan Cider Cup 2023; Silver Medal, Australian Cider Awards 2023 Mysterious, beautiful and seductive, a Femme Fatale uses all her feminine wiles to get...

Heritage Blend Apple Cider Case of 24

Silver Medal, Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show 2023 Small Acres Heritage Blend Apple Cider blends the robust flavour of French and English cider-variety apples with the lightness of Pink...

Kingston Black 2023 Single Variety Cider

Winner Best in Class, Gold at Japan Cider Cup 2024 Kingston Black 2023 is a dry to medium-dry cider crafted from the revered Kingston Black apples; a bitter-sharp cider apple...

Mixed Case of Non Alcoholic Cider

Golden Knot Non Alcoholic ciders are a unique blend of fruits created without compromise. They are liquid gold, as much at home being served at the dinner table as an...

Mixed Case of our Classic Alcoholic Ciders

Try a selection of Small Acres Cyder's favourite apple and pear ciders and taste the difference great Australian fruit can make. Includes our Sydney Royal Champion Pink Lady. This is...

Norfolk Still 2021 Apple Cider

Norfolk Still reflects the style of cider traditionally produced in the eastern counties of England. Smooth and like all still ciders it is made without bubbles. Fresh red apple flavours, with...
$138.00 $23.00

Pink Lady Apple Cider Case of 24

Winner, Champion Cider and Gold Medal, Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show 2023 A sweet but refreshing apple cider, Small Acres Cyder Pink Lady is a traditionally made alcoholic cider...

Poire Traditional Pear Cider Case of 24

Small Acres Poire is a medium-sweet pear cider (or "Perry") made using whole fresh pressed pears; no concentrates. Crushed and produced in the cool climate region of Orange NSW. Enjoy...

Pomme Traditional Apple Cider Case of 24

A crisp and refreshing cider, Small Acres Pomme is a traditionally made alcoholic cider using whole fresh pressed apples from the cool climate region of Orange NSW. We add no...

Pommeau 2021 Apple Mistelle Fortified Cider Liquer

Best Cider in Show: Japan Cider Cup 2024, Gold Medal: Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show 2023, Winner: Best In Show Red Hill Cider Show 2021 Pommeau is a Normandy...