Authentic & Locally Made Cyder from Orange NSW

We are the original producers of locally grown, locally made cider in Orange NSW Australia. We make a range of ciders from fresh juice of cider and dessert apples; drawing on traditional methods of authentic cider making. The results are for everyone to enjoy: and a number of award winning ciders and perrys.

Founded in 2007, the inspiration for Small Acres Cyder came from our original founders not being able to find a choice of craft ciders in Australia. Growing up in the UK they were used to drinking traditional cider made from fresh cider apples,  not the industrially produced ciders from concentrates.

Frustrated with not having a similar choice in Australia they set about making their own; planting the orchard with a wide selection of French and English cider apple varieties. The Geoghegan family are cider lovers who took over when the Kendalls returned to the UK in 2020 and continue this tradition; expanding the orchard and keeping the central west supplied with great ciders.

Leading the Australian craft cider market we have won more than 130 industry awards including Champion Cider at the Royal Beer and Cider Show 2023 and 2021, Gold Medal at Japan Cider Cup 2023, Best Cider In Show at the Red Hill Cider Awards in 2021, we were Highly Commended at Cider Australia's 2021 Best Cellar Door awards (NSW's best result for a cider cellar door!). We won Cider Australia's Most Successful Small Producer in 2017, 2018 and 2019. You can shop for our award winning ciders here.

Our cellar door is located on the border of Nashdale and Borenore; right in the heart of Orange's wine country. You can see our orchard where we grow about 600 English and French varieties of cider apples.

Why "Cyder" not "Cider"?

“Cyder” is a traditional spelling of our favourite drink; both in England and in Australia. In fact the earliest references to Cyder we could find in Orange used this traditional spelling. Legend has it that “Cyder” referred to the first press of the apples to be drunk at the manor, while “Cider” was the second press and enjoyed by the farm workers.

Stock our award-winning cider in your restaurant, cafe or bottle shop

We are lucky to be in some of Sydney and Orange's best hatted restaurants. Get in touch with Nick if you would like to offer your customers premium craft cider.

The natural sugar in our ciders

We never sweeten our ciders with sugar but we make our cider from apple and pear juice which of course contain naturally occurring sugar. It's where the alcohol comes from and helps make cider tasty. The level of residual sugars varies greatly from very low in our drier ciders and perries to quite a lot higher in our Golden Knot ciders which are made from unfermented juice. You can view an overview of the residual sugar in our ciders on our nutritional information page.

Who are we?

We are a family run business owned by Nick and Jannene Geoghegan; often assisted by our teenage kids when they can be moved from the couch.

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